Why Choose Us?

Off Site Bases is an extremely efficient way of gaining the most from your project, not only in terms of cost but speed of delivery and a considerably smaller environmental footprint.

The construction industry as a whole still generally relies upon old method concrete foundations. This building process slows construction time, increases costs and isn’t environmentally friendly.

The advantages to using Modern Methods of Constructions (MMC) is that the construction time can be up to 90% faster than building traditionally and costs savings are between 20% and 40%, however issues surrounding foundations have not been resolved. Until now.

In particular we aim to look at undeveloped land deemed as unsuitable to build on by the Environment Agency, and to rapidly increase housing stock for Housing Associations who have fallen behind government targets. Overcome flood risk concerns with Off Site Bases!

We can deliver your chose base on time, every time.

We decrease your environmental impact by 70% through the following –

Eco-friendly building materials
Reduced traffic (no spoil)
Reduced Energy Consumption
Less Noise Pollution

Customer Care and Service is at the very heart of what we do.

We will work with you in all circumstances to ensure you achieve your desired result.