Our Story

Off Site Bases is the brainchild of respected Chartered Engineer and Founding Director, Kevin Lewis - CEng, EurIng, IMEI.

Kevin is our Lead Engineer here at Off Site Bases. With sustainability as a core value and over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, he realised at an early stage the environmental and financial benefits of Off Site construction. As a result he has worked to promote Off Site Manufacturing in the construction industry for many years, building houses as far afield as Germany, Bahrain, Libya and Falkland Islands. In addition to running his own Structural Engineering Consultancy he has worked extensively with ‘passive house’ concepts and has designed ‘energy plus’ houses that create an energy surplus. His projects range from private residential to larger scale government contracts.
Kevin was also a key contributor to the Government's Product Platform Rulebook for Off Site Construction – an industry blueprint produced by the UK Research & Innovation and The Construction Innovation Hub. He now also acts in an advisory role to several large investment companies involved the further development of MMC in the UK.

To maximise the benefits of offsite construction techniques, Kevin realised the need to replace traditional foundations within the realm of Modern Methods of Construction, and created our Off Site platform solution that can be applied to a wide variety of projects, reducing costs, emissions and time constraints dramatically.   Off Site Bases represents the future. A sustainable response to the current needs in the construction industry.
We look forward to working with you.